The online platform FOR-EVERy1 

provides useful materials for learning and teaching English, targeted towards teachers, parents and students from all over the world. The purpose is not only to make English learning more exciting and more effective but also to help users save time in a busy world.

More than 500 worksheets are free and the PREMIUM section contains more comprehensive packages at a fair price. The worksheets are designed by me, an English teacher, and they have been tested in English language classrooms and proofread by my team of English native speakers. New materials are added and updated on a regular basis, which means there will be many MORE soon. So stay tuned!

Designing material takes an awfully long time and programming and graphic design are very expensive. Therefore, I can only keep up the work FOR FREE if my costs are covered by the users’ financial support. If you value what I am doing and would like to support me, I would be more than happy if you showed your appreciation by following this link and donating here. The link leads you to the corresponding donation page. Alternatively, you can click the donation button highlighted in green. ... 

Of course, you are welcome to give me any sort of feedback via email. Enjoy my platform!


  • I graduated from the University of Vienna, Austria, to become an English, Psychology and Philosophy teacher.
  • I worked in both, public and private schools, until I became self-employed as an English tutor in 2018.
  • In April 2019, I founded my online platform for effective English teaching and learning.
  • At the moment I teach English to people of all ages and I design worksheets and other materials for my platform on a regular basis. Furthermore, I am a motivational- and mental coach with a focus on learning and life counselling. Finally, I offer teacher training providing teachers with advice on how to …
    • integrate creative teaching methods into classrooms
    • perform fair assessments
    • give constructive feedback
    • improve students’ motivation

My future goal is to follow my passion even more by improving my platform and designing more worksheets, fun activities and interactive games.



…I already knew I would either become a passionate English teacher or a professional singer. Later in high school, it became clear that I wanted to integrate psychology into my future life as well. More than 20 years later, I am delighted to be able to do most of what I have always loved doing. Unfortunately, I have not become a professional singer but being able to follow my other passions every day makes me more than happy.


  • Do what you love as often as you can
  • Everything comes back to you
  • You get what you give
  • Your efforts will pay off
  • Be true to yourself
  • Do it YOUR way
  • Ride your bike 😊


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Mag. Romana Gattringer

Grenzgasse 9/2/6
2344 Maria Enzersdorf

Email: english@for-every1.com

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